I used to be quite rebellious when I was in junior high school. I felt so wronged that mother could not understand me and insist me doing exactly what she told to. Although my rebellion was suppressed by mother again and again, I would like so much my m语,波士顿学院社工专业请求者个人陈述PS同享及点评,小米售后other to understand my ideas and solve my problems, rather than mere criticism. This experience of mine leads to my decision to offer hands to yo语,波士顿学院社工专业请求者个人陈述PS同享及点评,小米售后uth in trouble or need and when I learn about social work, I know it is the career by which I can compensate for what is missing in school education and 狄安臣meanwhile realize my dream.

After four years郭德纲相声全集’ efforts, including thorough theory studies and ample field work, Social Work, once an entirely unfamiliar concept to me, has now become my career. During this same period, I, a formerly self-conscious girl who felt uneasy and unsure in a crowd, have become capable of reaching out to people in need and opening up their closed hearts with my enthusiasm.

Studies in my undergraduate major, Social Work, require practical experience, from which I become aware of the spirit of social work and confirm my determination to further pursue this field. Out of many experiences, the time when I served as a mentor in the year-long project of Growth Guide (aiming to serve children of migrant workers) most inspired this decision. My first mentee was Chen Jiangchuan, a 12-year-old boy, whose parents were too busy working to take care of him. Every Sunday I took a bus across half the city to his home to accompany him. At first, I found time elapsed slowly because he was quite introverted and we had nothing to talk about. Week after week, I continued being a sincere companion to him. I helped him with his homework, accompanied him to play games with his friends in a garbage dump near his home, and gazed silently at the sunset with him. In his narrow and damp home, we served a hotpot and ate together with his parents. Even then he was still not talkative but he began to smile at me and his eyes began to sparkle. Later on, he talked with me about his ambitions, his clas杜有泽smates, teachers and his humiliation in being denied admission into a nearby park (because he was not local.) I used to be his mentor but now I feel he is my mentor. He led me to walk a different path in life, and this experience taught me that, more than theory and skill, heartfelt companionship is the true essential ideal of social work and the origin of benevolence among people.

Later, my internship in August, 2009 showed me that sincerity is far from enough for a social worker. I was given the chance to guide some students in Beijing Railway Electrification School and help them organize a team with mutual trust and cooperation. But it is not so easy to be a group leader. A girl, one of my group members, refused to cooperate and feigned indiffer陈明仁ence. In order to solve this problem, I, together with my team members, did an “Original Family” in which we shared our ideas about the family member who influenced us most. This proved to be a turning point. She shared with us her family life and what led her to what she was. From then on, I began to get to know her and all group members became more understanding of each other. Together we were able to form a teamwork environment that pushed us forward. Through this experience, I improved my team organization skills, such as knowing when to elicit discussion, when to inspire members to offer each other suggestions, how to break the initial awkwardness and how to help members to cooperate with each other. It convinces me that qualified social work entails not only various skills and expertise but also potential development through the reflection of the relationship with others. Just as my supervisor said, “change life with your own life and make peoples’ lives more beautiful.” T语,波士顿学院社工专业请求者个人陈述PS同享及点评,小米售后his motto inspires me toward further research and work in this field.

Aside from my acquisition of specialized knowledge and practical experiences, I also participated in some research that contributed to my career. My research focuses on migrant populations, especially the aged and children. Such people usually had difficulty in self-identity and adaptation to the environment. But we found little relevant literature from the journals when we initiated a project entitled “Survey on the Living Conditions of Elderly Migrants in Beijing张馨予为什么名声不好” focusing on the elderly who follow their sons or daughters in their urban migration. We had to design the questionnaire and questions all by ourselves, do the pilot case, interview the aged concerned and validate the result all on our own. After many brainstorms and the frustration of numerous refused interviews, we finally completed the project and derived great benefit from the whole process.

The success motivated me to continue and I became interested in research on migrant children since my sophomore year, and did some relevant research on that subject, including my degree paper. My research mainly focuses on the a黑化daptability of these children in migrant children’s schools and general public schools. I joined Studies on Migrant Children: Current Situation, Development and Solutrwbyion, co-hosted by Renmin语,波士顿学院社工专业请求者个人陈述PS同享及点评,小米售后 University and Beijing Municipal Education Commission. In this project, I was responsible for studying differences between the migrant children and local children in terms of their social networks. Due to my lack of experience, I felt at sea when facing so much data and could not find a clue for an overall framework. I had t语,波士顿学院社工专业请求者个人陈述PS同享及点评,小米售后o start with some literature and, after careful study, found references which were helpful. I decided to analyze the class structure of the children involved and adopt UCINET to do a further analysis. Gradually, I completed my task and won the approbation of my supervisor. It offered me a valuable chance to practice my quantitative analysis abilities. The data from the above research 语,波士顿学院社工专业请求者个人陈述PS同享及点评,小米售后benefi女医明妃传ted me when I wrote my degree paper. All these research experiences added to my determination to further my education in social work and laid a solid foundation for my prospective academic research. Despite various difficulties in the ini语,波士顿学院社工专业请求者个人陈述PS同享及点评,小米售后tial stage, I improved my research and thesis writing skills. I learnt that difficulties of underprivileged people stemmed largely from injustice of the social system, rather than simply from poverty itself. Hence, I find social work and research to be quite useful in identifying people’s needs, analyzing the question, exploring the resources and in seeking张藤子 to build a relevant institution.

In the past several years, I have had tho波rough studies on theory and acquired skills, interned in various social agencies, been involved in a social network in Hong Kong, researched e彭伯里庄园lderly and child migrants, and obtained the national qualification certificate to become a social worker. After all of these accumulated experiences, youth consultation and relevant family problem solving have finally become my primary interest. To broaden my horizon and keep pa平分发型ce with more advanced theories and practices of social work, I know I need to step out. I believe pursuing a Master’s degree at Boston College woufeetld grant me such a chance, and also offer me a profound insight into social work in America where the development in this field is much more advanced than in China. I would like to gain the following from my professional education. Firstly, I can acquire many new 杨弋的博客ideas from courses and literature, well-established or controversial, and discuss them with my classmates and brew brand-new ideas by brainstorm. Secondly, I wish to be involved in more internship experience. Despite my practice in my undergraduate years, I still need to do more so as to improve my social work skills. Besides, I hope to get more guidance during my social work practice because only reflection can make practice more valuable. Thirdly, I am interested in participating in research work. I like to do research by experimentation, rather than mere literature research动漫下载. Fourthly, I would like to deepen my commitment咬定青山不放松 to my values. Boston College, in my view, can offer me what I want. Firstly, BC aims to teach both professionally and academically. By participating in classes and activities, I surely can enhance my abilities in putting theory into practice and improve my self-reflection ability by guidance. Secondly, I share with BC in its social responsibilities of helping the underprivileged population, which is quite lacking in China. I want to feel this responsibility in the community of BC and strive to do more and do better. Thirdly, Master Program of Social work in BC also focuses on diversity. I am convinced that only in such an academic environment can I be exposed to more tolerating academic atmosphere and diverse values and cultivate fertile mind.

I hav庶人坊e two goals. One is to become a professional social worker both in research and practice. The other is to intervene independently in youth growth, especially the developmental work for youth, intervention for high-risk youth and family guidance. I sincerely believe that systematic study and social experience at Boston College can turn me into a truly qualified social worker. I will become a more professional social worker and, with my knowledge and skill, I can help those who are in trouble, confusion or need, just like what I did years ago, to accompany them walk through the tough period.






选取校园:Boston College、Ohio State University




咱们选取的是其间请求Boston College用到的文章,对该文章的主人来说,她认为社工需求真挚,需求不断的反思,她说这是最基本的,在这个根底之上才是技巧,有了这个根底,学到了技巧,然后便是不断地付诸实践(practical experience),不断地进行深化的研讨(research),唯有此才干成为一名合格的社会作业人员。因而很显然本文便是泰无聊用了这种思路和办法:她有真挚并有真挚陪同的事例为证;她有反思认识也有三九胃泰事例佐证;她做了一些实践和研讨而且选出了对自己获益最多的要点描绘;整篇读来,她有人品、有才干、有专业布景,舍她其谁?